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Data On Turkey Is Available From AiFD Center For Data And Analysis
TThe Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AiFD) launched a “Center for Data and Analysis” at its website at The new center offers comprehensive data on health and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as up-to-date and detailed information on Turkey’s economy and demographics. The “AiFD Center for Data and Analysis,” established to support researchers studying Turkey’s health and pharmaceutical sectors, will be a valuable contribution to academicians, researchers, and journalists.
Istanbul, February 08, 2011 – The Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AiFD) launched a “Center for Data and Analysis” at its website at The new center, available under the section “Sector Information” on the website, offers information on health-related demographic, socioeconomic, economic, health-care and health economy indicators, as well as up-to-date and comprehensive data on the pharmaceutical industry.

“Center for Data and Analysis” has the most recent data

In the section on Demographic and Socioeconomic Indicators, data is available under more than 20 categories, from age groups to rates of birth, miscarriage, and dependents. Among socioeconomic factors, data is provided on various fields, from unemployment and literacy rates to population under insurance coverage and university enrollment rates.

The Economic Indicators section offers data on growth indicators such as GNP and per capita income, as well as economic activity data, foreign trade figures, and the exchange rates.

In the section Health-care Indicators, a wide range of information is available, from average life expectancy to health behavior and personal and biological factors.

The section Health Economy Indicators has detailed information on health human resources, health expenditure, and health-care providers, along with very interesting and important details, providing the overall economic picture of health-care.

In the section Pharmaceutical Industry, visitors may access essential data on Turkey’s drug expenditure, the pharmaceutical market, and drug consumption.

Long-term health policy requires accurate data

Commenting on the launch of the “Center for Data and Analysis,” Mr. Alp Sevindik, AiFD Secretary General and Chief Operating Officer said “As in all essential fields, in health-care, too, Turkey needs to develop and consistently implement long-term strategies and policies. Without a doubt, this has to be based on accurate data.

The AiFD has launched the Center for Data and Analysis to help ensure that the debate and studies in Turkey can continue on a more reliable basis, using data. We believe that our center for data will improve by the day, and benefit our country, academicians, researchers, and members of the press.”

It is possible to export documents in portable document format (PDF), or in detailed tabular or graphical form, including data on various indicators such as the monthly industrial capacity utilization rates, ratio of obese population, rate of alcohol and tobacco use, sectoral distribution of health-care professionals, health expenditure, drug expenditure, drug market size, and drug consumption.

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