IFPMA Covid-19 Günlük Bülteni – 24 Nisan


Top news:

  • The WHO, Heads of State from around the world (although the United States was absent) together with global health leaders from the public and private sector (including IFPMA) joined in supporting the new partnership: Access to COVID-19 Tools (act) Accelerator. This collaboration marks an unprecedented commitment to work together to accelerate the development, production and equitable access and distribution of new vaccines, tests and treatments for COVID-19 worldwide. Partners are calling for increased funding beginning with the 4th May pledging event hosted by the EU Commission.
  • WIPO advises that policy focus of governments for COVID-19 should therefore be on supporting science and innovation that will produce a vaccine, treatments or cures.  (policy paper – attached)
  • As Sanofi criticises the EU for lack of coordination on COVID-19 vaccine development, Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson announce plans to significantly scale up vaccine manufacturing capacity respectively
  • Controversy reg remdesivir: ‘leaked’ inappropriate characterisation of the clinical study. Gilead explained that the study was stopped early because it had too few patients, and as a result it was not possible to come to statistically meaningful conclusions.
  • Speaking on the company’s first-quarter conference call, Eli Lilly CEO Dave Ricks said the biopharmaceutical industry has a “once in a generation opportunity to reset” its reputation.
  • EU investment bank approves €75 million equity investment in the biotech company CureVac to develop and produce an experimental coronavirus vaccine





  • FT: Drugmakers urged to collaborate on coronavirus vaccine. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, Fidelity Investments and sister company Fidelity International, Aviva Investors, Janus Henderson and Amundi, Europe’s largest asset manager, all told the Financial Times that they want drug companies to put aside any qualms about collaborating with rivals.
  • FiercePharma: One COVID-19 opportunity for pharma? A chance to bolster its reputation, Lilly CEO says. Speaking on the company’s first-quarter conference call on Thursday, Eli Lilly CEO Dave Ricks said the biopharmaceutical industry has a “once in a generation opportunity to reset” its reputation. Ricks’ statements came as Lilly reported first-quarter sales of $5.86 billion, a 15% increase from the same period last year.
  • UN News: ‘Landmark collaboration’ to make COVID-19 testing and treatment available to all: The biopharmaceutical industry also stands ready to bring its unique knowledge to the partnership, as well as its expertise and experience – including in building manufacturing and distribution networks. “Today, scientists in the public and private sector hold the keys to our common goal: the swift end of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Thomas B. Cueni, Director-General of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.“In the fight against COVID-19, we must ensure that no one is left behind. We will only succeed in this journey together.” (and Swissinfo, Noticias ONU)


IFPMA members

  • STAT News: New data on Gilead’s remdesivir, released by accident, show no benefit for coronavirus patients. Company still sees reason for hope. Gilead spokesperson said the company believes “the post included inappropriate characterization of the study.” Because the study was stopped early because it had too few patients, she said, it cannot “enable statistically meaningful conclusions.” However, she said, “trends in the data suggest a potential benefit for remdesivir, particularly among patients treated early in disease.” The company stated that data will be closely scrutinized but are also likely imperfect. The study was terminated prematurely, which could have affected the results. The context that would be provided by a full manuscript is missing, and the data have not been reviewed as normally occurs before publication.






  • RFI: Coronavirus boosts sales for French pharma giant Sanofi. Sanofi said its net income grew by 15.9 percent over the first three months of 2020, with “roughly half of this growth due to COVID-19 impact.” Sales surged in part due to stockpiling of the painkiller Doliprane which shot up by more than 20%, helping boost the firm’s net sales by 6.9 percent to nearly nine billion euros.

WHO – Daily COVID-19 update, 24 April

No media briefing by Dr Tedros today specifically on COVID-19 but dedicated live launch event (full video) of the Access to COVID-19 Tools (act) Accelerator.

Launch event – resources

  • One page summary about the new partnership here
    • Grounded in a vision of a planet protected from human suffering and the devastating social and economic consequences ofCOVID-19, we, an initial group of global health actors (BMGF, CEPI, Gavi, Global Fund, UNITAID, Wellcome Trust, The World Bank, WHO) and private sector partners and other stakeholders, are launching a landmark, global and time-limited collaboration to accelerate the development, production and equitable global access to new COVID-19 essential health technologies.
    • Aim: We ask the global community and political leaders to support this landmark collaboration, and for donors to provide the necessary resources to accelerate achievement of the objectives of this global collaboration, capitalizing on the opportunity provided by the rolling pledging campaign that will start on 4 May 2020.
    • Sir Andrew Witty and Dr Ngozi Okonjo- act as Special Envoys for the ACT Accelerator.
  • Dr Tedros’ opening speech at the launch event here
  • Participants list here, which included heads of states from France Germany, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Rwanda, Norway, First secretary of State UK, minister of finance of Saudi Arabia, EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, Gates Foundation, UN Secretary General, GAVI, Global Fund, CEPI, Wellcome Trust, UNITAID, IFPMA, IFRC, and others