AIFD Ankara Visits


AIFD and IEIS Boards had 3 meetings with Deputy Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Mr. Ahmet Erdem, TITCK President Mr. Hakkı Gürsöz, and Deputy Minister of Health Mr. Muhammet Güven on September 26th. They also met with Deputy Ministers of Treasury and Finance on September 12th.

During Deputy Minister visits, joint delegation gave contextual information followed by joint industry messages on financial, medical and governance perspective (as absence of decision-making mechanism). Sector’s demand is clearly communicated by underlining the urgency. In each meeting, spokespeople shared willingness to escalate the issue to the President and creating awareness at his level.

In response, both deputy Ministers were empathetic and confirmed that the government is fully aware of the urgency. They shared their optimism believing that some improvement will be ensured on the economy-side.

Although every visit is creating more awareness and ensure them to feel the suffering of the industry and we urge them to carry these messages to their counterparts, superiors or any other relevant partners, there is still no owner of the issue and the need to meet with Minister Albayrak and President Erdogan is very clear and absolute.

Visit to Deputy Ministers of Treasury and Finance

AIFD together with other 3 associations visited Deputy Ministers of Treasury and Finance Bülent Aksu and Osman Dincbas. Sector’s perspective is communicated in an aligned way.

Sector representatives gave information on the pricing methodology in place as well as the chronology of pricing in the pharmaceutical sector, eventually linking it to 2018’s limited adjustment (15% versus required 23%) and the current challenges, which the sector is facing due to currency crisis.

Deputy Ministers noted the urgency of the need and confirmed that the issue is prioritized. They will convey all comments to the Minister Berat Albayrak.