Collection and Processing of Personal Data:

AIFD may use the information provided by members and visitors via the website in line with the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use,” including processing of personal information of visitors and members, and statistical analysis of personal information such as the sections of the site visited, domain type, browser type, visit date and time. This information may only be used for announcing non-commercial events and non-commercial personalized services.

Sharing Personal Data:

According to Law #6698 on Protection of Personal Data, we may ask for your personal information which may be required for our Association to fulfill its purpose and legal obligations (e.g. name, surname, date of birth, e-mail, telephone number, gender, address, occupation, education). These personal data will be processed, shared with our collaborators and stored, having taken appropriate security measures, based on your express consent. We will immediately inform you and the Personal Data Protection Board should your personal information is damaged and/or accessed by third parties as a result of attacks on our systems and website, despite the information security measures we have put in place.

As a rule, personal information of visitors and members will not be shared with natural or legal persons who are a third party unaffiliated with the Association. However, in exceptional situations, this information may be shared upon request by an authorized agency.

Right to Access and Correction:

You can contact us using contact details provided on our website, to inquire about your information stored in our website database or to update or correct your personal information. Requests for deletion of personal information will be handled without prejudice to any applicable legal or ethical reporting or filing or retention requirements which we are bound by.

Personal Information of Minors:

No section of this website is designed to attract minors under the age of 18. AIFD has no intention to collect personally identifiable information of minors under the age of 18 without their parents’ consent. Please contact us if you have reason to believe that this may be the case.

Force Majeure:

AIFD may not be held accountable for nonperformance or delayed performance of this “Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” in the event of a legally-recognized force majeure event. AIFD will have no obligation of indemnification in that or similar cases.


Please contact our head office by e-mail at any questions or concerns related with these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.