Another important step of AIFD BIO Startup Program 2019 is completed


BIO Startup Program, which is Turkey’s first and only accelerator program supported by AIFD (Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies) and carried out by Redis Innovation, held its final and the most important step, BIO Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and BIO Convention, between 1-6 June. We completed the BIO Convention program with our finalists from AIFD BIO Startup Program; ELAA Teknoloji, Pera Labs, VacciZone, Vagustim, Tarabios, along with four bioentrepreneurs from ITU Innogate program; Bac Engineering, Inosens, Medipic Medical and Respo Gadgets – Dormio. AIFD team and 9 bioentrepreneurs had the chance to come together with startups from different countries and exchange their experiences, as well as building relationships with leading experts in their fields, getting in touch with investors, corporate firms and many other actors of the global biotechnology network.