Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFD) will not rest till they find a cure: #ÇareBulanaDek


Within the scope of the # ÇareBulanaDek campaign initiated by the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFD) representing 36 research-based pharmaceutical companies, information about research and development process of innovative medicines, patient stories, the value of clinical research and phases of a new drug discovery will be shared with the stakeholders.

 The Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFD) representing 35 research-based pharmaceutical companies and operating to accelerate patients’ access to innovative medicines and treatments as well as promoting ethical and transparent business practices in healthcare sector, launched #ÇareBulanaDek campaign to bring works and studies to find a treatment for diseases into focus and to increase awareness to the experiences of the patients struggling with these illnesses.

The social media channels of the Association will share the following message within the scope of the campaign: “Illness never sleeps, neither do we. As Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies, we will carry out our research and development against diseases that make people’s lives difficult and work at all times, day and night: #ÇareBulanaDek.

Stories that tell the value of the concept of innovative medicine and innovation in health will be shared.

Having gained importance all over the world, advanced technology is expected to shape the future of medicine

Thanks to efforts carried out on the treatments compatible with the genetic background of the patients, new molecules produced using biological systems have become the hope of treating deadly, chronic diseases as well as diseases yet without a treatment. With gene therapy, it might be possible to go down to the source of genetic diseases and to treat or even prevent the disease by changing the structure of the gene inside the cell. Also, biotechnological methods make it possible to develop new treatments for many serious diseases both clinically and epidemiologically, solutions can be produced for the growing health need of the population.

Within the scope of the #ÇareBulanaDek campaign, information about new and expected developments in the field of healthcare will be shared with the public. The information can be accessed from website.

Pharmaceutical companies allocate 21.6 percent of their revenues to the research and development processes of new treatments

Today, R&D spending on innovative and biotechnological drugs has increased by 4.2 percent annually in the last 10 years, and 35 researchers from AIFD pharmaceutical companies aim to draw attention to medical developments in all therapeutic areas from rare diseases to cancer. Pharmaceutical companies allocate 21.6 per cent of their sales revenues to research and development, while pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide had an annual R&D expenditure of USD 178.9 billion in 2018. The pharmaceutical sector, which stands out as the sector that makes the most R&D investment among all sectors, employs 765 thousand people only in Europe. 15 percent of the pharmaceutical industry employees consist of R&D teams who constantly research and develop to reach innovative treatments. Research-based pharmaceutical companies are also conducting effective studies on clinical research, which is considered as the most important component among R&D studies for innovative drugs. The research-based pharmaceutical companies who increased clinical research investments in Turkey, offer 22 thousand patients the opportunity to access early treatment, innovative medicines and medical devices developed by means of 521 industry-supported clinical trials.

“Today, it is our most important responsibility to share the most accurate information about the treatments”

Underlining that scientists will not rest in an environment where diseases do not rest, AIFD Secretary General Dr. Ümit Dereli shared the following views regarding the goals of the campaign:

“Research-based pharmaceutical companies worldwide have launched a unique mobilization campaign against the COVID-19 outbreak. Together with scientists, we work hard to develop treatments for not only against this outbreak but against all diseases that affect human health. We believe that our primary responsibility is to share the most accurate information regarding the studies on innovative therapies in the current period. We strive to ensure available innovative treatments to become hope for patients in Turkey, too. Shaping our national regulations to create a climate enabling patients in Turkey accessing new treatments rapidly and easily, in compliance with the advancements in these areas, increase the speed and chances to materialize these opportunities. We know that diseases never stop and rest…

Through more than 7 thousand treatments developed, we relentlessly continue to work so that people affected by diseases could wake up to brighter mornings:  #ÇareBulanaDek”