BIO Startup Program 2020 is open for applications


Turkey’s first and only biotechnology themed acceleration program BIO Startup Program commenced to receive applications for its 2020 edition. Applications to the program, which is supported by AIFD and conducted by ReDis Innovation, will continue to be submitted until 13 February 2020. Three bio entrepreneurs, who complete program’s phases in Turkey and get selected by the judges, will take the opportunity to attend the BIO Entrepreneurship Bootcamp between 7-11 June in San Diego and also to BIO Convention. The selected entrepreneurs will be able to come together with different actors of the international ecosystem, such as investors, global companies, incubation centers, throughout the event.

Applications for the BIO Startup Program 2020, the first and only biotechnology themed acceleration program organized by AIFD and ReDis Innovation is open for submission thorugh until 13 February 2020. Those who are accepted to the program will be trained at the Bioentrepreneurship Camp in Istanbul to receive training and mentorship from expert instructors and prominent professionals from the industry. Followed by the camp, the entrepreneurs will make their presentations at BIO Startup Demo Day before the judges. Three biotechnology startups to be selected by judges, will be able to attend the BIO Entrepreneurship Bootcamp to be held between 7-11 June in San Diego as well as the BIO Convention event and will be able to meet with investors, global companies and incubation centers.

Opportunity to attend BIO Convention, the biggest global biotechnology organization
65 applications were submitted to BIO Startup Program in 2019 and 15 startups were selected by the judges. In the 2020 edition of the program, the selected startups will complete the online bioentrepreneurship training to enter a three-day bioentrepreneurship camp in Istanbul. The participants will receive training and mentorship from expert trainers and leading industry professionals while having the chance to get in touch with global AIFD member companies and benefit from their experiences. Following the bioentrepreneurship camp, the startups will make their presentations before the judges at the Demo Day to be held within March. Three bioentrepreneursh selected by the judges will retain the chance to attend BIO Convention in San Diego, the biggest global biotechnology organization as well as the BIO Entrepreneurship Boot Camp to make 1:1 contact with investors, incubation centers and global companies. With 20,000 anticipated attendees representing 7,000 companies from 70 countries, the BIO Convention offers an important opportunity to follow scientific and technological developments in biotechnology, to contact with different actors of the global biotechnology ecosystem, and to conduct one-on-one meetings for collaborations.

New experiences and opportunities await the bioentrepreneurs
AIFD Investment Policies and Corporate Communications Director Cengiz Aydın, had this to say about BIO Startup Program: “Through the BIO Startup Program, we aim to support the improvement of innovation ecosystem in Turkey as well as contributing to R&D Efforts by the pharmaceutical industry, and to help biotechnology startups to integrate with global networks in order to commercialise their initiatives. Thanks to our mechanism that develops and learns more and more every year, our selected bio-entrepreneurs will gain new experiences and opportunities this year at BIO Convention, the world’s largest biotechnology organization. Many important gains and cooperation opportunities await our entrepreneurs and us.”