BIO Startup Program attracted a great deal of attention from every region in Turkey


The application process has been completed for the fifth of the BIO Startup Program, which is supported by the AIFD and carried out by ReDis Innovation. This program, which aims to contribute to the growth of entrepreneurs in the field of biotechnology, received 56 applications from 12 different cities, from Van to Kayseri, from Şanlıurfa to Aydın, as well as two bio-entrepreneurs from Nicosia. As a result of the evaluations, 14 bioentrepreneurs were entitled to participate the BIO Startup Program.

The application process for BIO Startup Program, Turkey’s first and only biotechnology themed acceleration program has ended. Applications from 56 bioentrepreneurs were evaluated by judges and 14 bioentrepreneurs were accepted to the program. Following an online training program, the selected bioentrepreneurs will join the Bioentrepreneurship Camp, where they will be mentored by leading industry professionals and expert trainers in related workshops.

Following the first bioentrepreneurship camp to take place within the BIO Startup Program, BIO Startup Demo Day will take place on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at the Demir Demirgil Hall on the South Campus of Boğaziçi University, in collaboration with Boğaziçi University Life Sciences and Technologies Center. Three bioentrepreneurs, who will be determined as a result of evaluating the presentations on Demo Day will enter the preparatory camp before going to San Diego to attend the world’s largest biotechnology organization BIO Convention. Bioentrepeneurs will be able to work on roadmaps on specific fields including regulations, patenting and communications and join mentorship sessions in order to establish efficient contact with global players. In addition, BIO Partnering preparations will be made before the BIO Convention.

After the intensive training program, bioentrepreneurs will have the chance to attend the world’s largest biotechnology organization, BIO Convention, to be held in San Diego on June 7-11. The bioentrepreneurs will commence their program in the USA through BIO Convention’s BIO Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, an exclusive program for startups from all around the world and will be able to meet with different players from international ecosystem including investors, global companies, incubation centers during the BIO Convention in San Diego. BIO Convention, which is expected to attend 8,000 companies and 20,000 people from 70 countries, offers an important opportunity to follow scientific and technological developments in biotechnology, to contact with different actors of the global biotechnology ecosystem, and to make one-on-one meetings for collaborations.

Cengiz Aydın, AIFD Investment Policies and Corporate Communications Director, stated that AIFD is delighted with the applications made to the BIO Startup Program from different cities and had this to say: “Being able to facilitate the convergence between Turkey’s contemporary issues and the global agenda through BIO Startup, the first and only biotechnology themed acceleration program, which was conducted the fourth time last year with the cooperation of ReDis Innovation and AIFD, and being able to see the preliminary results of this program gave us a hopeful start. The program received 65 applications last year. We ensured the participation of our five finalists selected at the end of the program to BIO Convention, which is the largest biotechnology organization in the world and organized every year in a different city of the United States. We helped the five selected startups attend the BIO Convention in a much better prepared way, to gain new experiences, to get involved in global networks and to seize new opportunities. In this era, when the essential research part of global R&D processes in the pharmaceutical industry is being conducted by startups, we are delighted to have a facilitating and accelerating role to provide biotechnology and life sciences startups with the opportunity to reach global networks and interact with global players. With our entrepreneurs to participate the fifth BIO Startup Program in 2020, we aim to continue to contribute to the life sciences and healthcare biotechnology field in Turkey. ”

“When we compare this year’s results with the results of last year, we see that more startups that have formed a team structure are participating this year. It is important to note that the majority of applications consist of 2-3 or 4-5 people, while we are also pleased to see the participation of startups consisting of 13 and 14 people” added Mr. Aydın.

14 finalist bioenterpreneurs accepted to the BIO Startup Program and their fields of activity are listed below:

Virasoft: Developing digital pathology software for clinical diagnostics.

LumiLabs: Developing a new generation hemostatic medical device through molecular modeling, synthesis and analysis.

GlaucoT: Developing neuroprotective glaucoma treatment with drug-free and non-invasive techniques.

Mikronos: Providing fast and accurate diagnosis in heavy bleeding by developing a microfluidic-based global coagulation scales analyzer.

Biogenuslab: Developing platforms used in biotechnological drug development studies.

Meinox: Working on personalized treatments in medical and veterinary applications. Developing protein inhibitors and conducting studies to modulate the molecular mechanisms of diseases.

Araltek Medical Device Designing: Developing a heart pump that can be used as a heart support system during medical interventions. Also developing a long-term circulation support system and software using the sentrifugal cam pump.

PortMera: Developing molecular chemical analysis methods through non-invasive methods. Providing accuracy tests of counterfeit and sub-standard drugs with the help of smart chemical sensors.

Pacem Medikal Teknoloji: Providing antimicrobial treatment and software systems with plasma technology for dental and gum diseases.

GlakoLens: Providing treatment for glaucoma through smart contact lens as well as wearable reading, recording and tracking systems.

Funktor: Providing an interactive method to the literature research with its innovative search engine that processes medical information.

Oruba Medikal Teknoloji: Developing a uroflowmeter that measures urine amount and speed and works automatically, sterile and without operator need to provide various health tests and follow-up.

IsTech Grup: Developing a virtual reality-based (VR) simulation system that can be used in medical education to eliminate complications and incorrect intervention errors during the surgical operation.

Alice Beyaz Tavşan Biyoteknoloji ve Medikal Arge Danışmanlık: Providing a cerebrospinal fluid measurement through CerebroPress

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