New Board of Directors of AIFD


Elif Aral was chosen as the Chairman of the AIFD.

The 15th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFD) was held on February 16th. In the General Assembly, principal and substitute members of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board were determined. General Manager of Pfizer Turkey Elif Aral was elected Chairman of the Board of AIFD.

The 15th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFD) was held in Istanbul on Friday, February 16, 2018. In the General Assembly, members of the Board of Directors and the Auditing Board of the new term were elected. At the first meeting of the new Board of Directors, Elif Aral, who served as Vice Chairman of AIFD Board of Directors through 2017, was elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In the new term, the AIFD Board of Directors consists of Adriano Antonio Treve (Roche), Avinash Potnis (Novartis), Evren Özlü (Boehringer Ingelheim), Fabrizio Guidi (Sanofi), Jose Daniel Lucas Guerrero (Lilly), Maria Fernanda de Almeida Prado (Johnson & Johnson), Mete Hüsemoğlu (Abbvie),  Muhittin Bilgütay (Baush & Lomb), Selim Giray (GSK), Uğur Bingöl (İ.E Menarini). Evren Özlü will serve as a treasurer in the new term. The AIFD Board of Auditors consists of Burak Cem (Novo Nordisk), Güldem Berkman (Amgen) and Şehram Zayer (Merck).

In the statement made after the General Assembly, where the activities of 2017 were evaluated and the priorities for 2018 were discussed, the main points of the fund’s innovation-specific financing, the rapid access of patients to innovative medicines and the protection of innovation must be kept on the agenda all the year.

Speaking at the meeting before transferring his post to the new Chairman of the Board, AIFD Chairman Dr. Mete Hüsemoğlu said that: “We have continued our efforts to establish a sustainable system for the financing of the medications in cooperation with industry organizations.  We are also aware that as an effective stakeholder we have many ways to go on this issue. As AIFD, we have always emphasized the importance of “global” competitiveness, “global” standards, being “global” brand as country, institutions and sector. We are expressing every platform that our institutions are very vital to move with the “global” vision, and we will continue to speak.”  Before ending his speech, he congratulated the new members of the board and he said, “As AIFD, I believe that you will continue to contribute increasingly to our country’s health and economy in 2018.”