BIO Startup Program 2022 Bio-entrepreneurship Camp has started


Bio-entrepreneurs to participate to the BIO Startup Program 2022, supported by AIFD and managed by ReDis Innovation, are now determined. 14 biostartups will participate in the program, which is held for the 6th time this year to contribute to the growth of promising entrepreneurs from the biotechnology field.

Before the BIO Startup Demo Day, which will take place on the 13th of May 2022, the bio-entrepreneurs are attending the Bio-entrepreneurship Camp between 11-29 April.

BIO Startup which is Turkey’s one and only biotechnology-themed accelerator program is organized every year to offer promising entrepreneurs in the field of biotechnology the possibility to expand their projects and once again attracted great attention in its 2022 edition. At the Meet-up and Coordination Event realized with the participation of AIFD and ReDis Innovation, 14 startups that were granted participation in this year’s program provided a summary of their projects, and also entrepreneurs who graduated from the BIO Startup Programs held in the past years had the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences.

Entrepreneurs will come together with the experienced names of the industry and will have the opportunity to develop their projects.

Within the scope of the Bio-entrepreneurship Camp, online events will be held between 11-29 April and bio-entrepreneurs will receive trainings from experts and from local and global managers of AIFD member companies in various fields, such as Product & Market Analysis, Financial Training with a Focus on Investor Meeting Preparation, Regulation, Certification and Internationalization Strategies for Bio-entrepreneurs, and Presentation with a Preparatory Focus for Investor/Collaboration Meetings. The program, organized for contributing to the growth journeys of startups, will allow bio-entrepreneurs to development-oriented activities as well as participate in face-to-face mentoring meetings. Within the scope of face-to-face mentoring meetings entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from information sharing opportunities in many different areas such as industry overview, cooperation models for startups, market analysis and commercialization, intellectual property rights and licensing, offered by executives from local and global AIFD member companies.

With the mentorship sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to evaluate their project analysis with experts, learn about the regulation and certification processes, and receive opinions on their final presentations for the Demo Day event.

Startups, which complete their training and mentoring meetings during the Bio-entrepreneurship Camp period, will complete the program with success by making their presentations at the BIO Startup 2022 Demo Day event on Friday, May 13, 2022.

The 14 bio-entrepreneurs admitted to the BIO Startup Program 2022 and their respective fields of activity are as follows:

Nanomy: Focuses on the design of devices and equipment to be used in the production of new nanoparticle drug delivery systems.

Integrio: Provides operational excellence by digitalizing the processes that pharmaceutical companies carry out manually. It plans to offer its services as a B2B, which will act as a bridge by reinforcing the broken communication with pharmacies.

Selek Arge ve İnovasyon Ltd. Şti.: Focuses on creating commercial outputs by transferring scientific experience to instruments that assist with diagnostics and treatments through an innovative perspective.

GetDeHealth: As a digital health venture, it integrates and digitalizes the new generation home diagnostic kits, manufactured by itself, into a mobile application, delivering these kits to the users’ location within hours.

HiDNA: As a digital health venture, CRISPR Valley gathers all CRISPR technology methods under one roof.

Porion Biyoteknoloji: Develops a portable, rechargeable device that can detect up to 20 ppm of gluten in any food within minutes for the use of celiac patients.

Argeron Magoten: Develops a magnetic auto-injector, which is used in cases where the intradermal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injection is needed in the body and offers a safe and easy use.

Alice and the White Rabbit Biotech: Develops fast and elegant methods for measuring human bodily fluids, including cerebrospinal fluid.

Omıca Araştırma İnovasyon Ltd Şti: Offers Turkey’s first artificial skin-based testing platform as an alternative to animal testing.

NatCo Natural: It uses agricultural waste and its by-products and produces bioactive cosmetic raw materials with high added value through zero waste and green chemistry principles, and focuses on producing cost-effective cosmetic raw materials.

Setint AI Hastane: Develops a remote patient monitoring and follow-up system using artificial intelligence modeling.

Beşinci Mevsim: Focuses on the design and industrial adaptation of Turkey’s first atmospheric cabin as a domestic production.

Kivi Technologies: It develops devices and technologies intended to create 3D models of teeth and gums.

KuartisMED: As a biomedical venture, it develops innovative products for well-being and healthcare with a focus on newborns.